Mocha Walnut Brownie

You don’t have to love coffee to love this mochalicious ‘brownie with benefits’.
All the joy of our scrummy triple choc brownie, plus a smooth coffee kick, topped with chunky walnuts.  And, you guessed it... way less sugar and calories than typical brownies, more protein and fibre. I don't know how we do it, honestly.


Ingredients & 'Macros' (Nutrition) 

Ingredients: Date paste, ground brazil nut, sunflower seed, date nectar, organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass, organic coconut sugar, organic cocoa butter), organic cacao powder, roasted almond butter, walnut (5%), pure cacao liquor, glycerine (rapeseed), rice protein, cacao nib, coffee (1%), sunflower lecithin, pink Himalayan salt.   

Macros (per 35g square): Kcals164/ Fat 10g/Sat fat 3g/ Carbs 12g/ Sugar 8g/ Fibre 3g/ Protein 5g/ Salt 0.1g.