We Choose

We use only wholesome, 100% natural, plant-based ingredients including nuts, nut butters, quality dark chocolate, seeds, dried fruit and pure fruit nectars. No refined sugars or empty calories. No fake-food fillers or tummy-bloating fibres like inulin or chicory fibre. No weird or high-GI sweeteners. No colours or preservatives. No added flavours, even so-called ‘natural flavours’. Just cold-pressed yum.  

✓ 100% natural
✓ Cold-pressed
✓ Plant-based
✓ Gluten-free
✓ Gut-friendly 
✓ Source of protein
✓ High fibre
✓ Low GI
    ✘ No refined sugar
    ✘ No sulphites
    ✘ No inulin
    ✘ No added colour
    ✘ No added flavours
    ✘ No preservatives
    ✘ No GMO’s
    ✘ No nonsense



      We Craft

      Joyfuel treats are hand-crafted with care, in small batches. We use the cold-press method (no heat), so that our fabulous ingredients retain every bit of their nutritional value. 

      We mix, blend, smoosh and roller our raw doughs into bespoke metal frames, before hand-cutting and wrapping each square in biodegradable Natureflex film. It’s labour intensive, it’s slow and expensive, but that’s what we do. Because that what it takes.


      We Strive

      As a small, independent artisan producer, we’re proud to play our part on this planet. And we recognize that if we don’t take care of our business, and take care with our business, it can never count as a win, win… good for you, good for us, good for us all.

      As Kermit used to say, ‘it’s not easy being green’. It takes will, effort and resourcefulness. So at Joyfuel we never stop striving to find ways to make our products, packaging and processes as planet-friendly as possible. (Check our blog for more on our journey).


      We Are

      Joyfuel is the vision of Jules Engelsman, founder of Brighton’s iconic eaterie and bakery chain Bagelman. 

      After 15 years at the helm, and a prestigious Sussex Best Small Business Award, Jules hung up his oven gloves to spend time with family and write an esoteric book he insists will one day see the light of day.

      Unable to stay out of the kitchen for long, he began experimenting making healthy treats, inspired by the the gut-friendly low Fodmap diet.

      He set up Joyfuel from a gluten-free kitchen in his Worthing home town in 2017, and with the launch of a second generation of Joyfuel healthy treats, plans to spread joy to the furthest reaches of the known galaxy. Namaste. (Does anyone ever read this far, Martha?)