We're a winner at the National Free From Food Awards 2019!

We're a winner at the National Free From Food Awards 2019!

 Great News

Yippee! We’ve just heard the joyful news that Joyfuel has won a bronze award at the British Free-From Food Awards 2019!

Our Peanut Butter Choc pick-me-up—one of our super tasty low Fodmap ‘wellness’ bars—has been sniffed, prodded and thoroughly nibbled by a whole bunch of prestigious judges in the allergy and free-from food industry. 

Joyfuel’s founder/MD/chief bottle washer Jules Engelsman was awarded the bronze at a gala dinner at the Royal College of Physicians, London, in March, attended by all the food industry big-wigs.

Awards director Michelle Berriedale-Johnson said the standard of products was higher than ever this year. She commented: “No outsider joining one of our judging sessions would ever realise that the products we are judging are ‘free-from’—so good is the the quality of free-from food these days.”

 Gut-Friendly Lottery

Jules revealed that his original goal was simply to make super tasty low-Fodmap snacks.

“I know only too well about the pains and perils of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and similar symptoms,” he said. “I suffered for decades with a sensitive tum, until an NHS doctor got me to try the low-Fodmap diet. Once I learnt about that, I realised what a lottery it is choosing tummy-friendly snacks. And I felt with my food background, surely I could make better wellness bars that were both gut-friendly and knockout tasty!

"I quickly discovered there's so much misunderstanding about what makes a good healthy snack when you have a sensitive tummy," Jules added. "Too much confusion about pre-biotics and probiotics and a blind assumption they'll all be good for you."

"So many popular energy snacks and treat bars are chock-full of bloat-making ingredients. Take inulin and chicory fibre for example, which have become a cheap and easy cop-out for manufacturers who want to produce sticky sweet bars. Or the ever-prevalent sugar alcohols used as low-cal sweeteners— like isomalt, xylitol, erythritol. What no-one seems to be talking about is that these all feed the exact same gut bacteria that cause grief for so many of us.”