Make It Count

If you’re counting calories or carbs, make them count!

After a tough gym session (or a demanding day of school runs!) don’t just hoover up any food in sight on the pretext you’ve earned it. Resist the urge to grab that Snickers or synthetic ‘quick fix’ bar just because it’s on the counter or in the gym vending machine.

Why not apply the same steely discipline you use in your training to your post-workout refuel?

After all, there’s no point harping on about ‘personal best’ if you’re willing to chow down on any old snack. Or obsessing about BMI’s, chainsets, the best running socks, protein-to-carb ratios, layering up or cooling down, if you don’t discriminate what you’re putting in your body. Why wreck the hard work you’ve just done?

Avoid bingeing by keeping to hand quality, nutrient-dense foods, so you can easily recharge within 30 minutes of finishing your training. The best snacks are those based on natural, unprocessed, unrefined ingredients. Real stuff that’s nutritious and fulfilling.

When it comes to post-workout energy snacks you need a sensible balance of carbs and protein for optimal recovery and muscle growth. Some say 2:1 is fine. Others swear 3:1 or 4:1 is the golden ratio. But as snacks are just part of your replenishment, there’s no need for stressing or using macros as another stick to beat yourself with. (You’re already doing great. Leave room for joy!)

Steer clear of synthetics

Equally important to what’s in your post-workout snack, is what’s not in it. Steer clear of synthetic ingredients, unnecessary preservatives and tummy-bloating fillers and binders like the ever-present inulin (chicory fibre). And ‘natural flavours’ too (which are no such thing!)

There’s also a common misconception that if a snack has got more than six ingredients, it’s no good for you. Actually, it’s less about the number of ingredients, and more about the quality.


Brownies on wooden background

Cold-pressed quality

Most energy bars and treat snacks go through some form of factory processing which degrades the ingredients and depletes much of their nutritional value. Often ingredients are baked, or more commonly heated so they can be squished through the machines that process and form them. Real cold-pressed bars, by contrast, preserve all the natural vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients that heat otherwise destroys.

At Joyfuel, we take the extra time and trouble to hand-make, press and individually wrap all our cold-pressed pick-me-ups for the ultimate in nutrition, taste and freshness. Less artifice. More artisan.