Yippee! We’ve just heard the joyful news that Joyfuel has made this year’s shortlist for the national Free-From Food Awards 2019!

Our Peanut Butter Choc pick-me-up—one of our super tasty low Fodmap ‘wellness’ bars—has been sniffed, prodded and thoroughly nibbled by a whole bunch of prestigious judges in the allergy and free-from food industry. As a result, we’re now in the running for an award, to be announced at a gala dinner at the Royal College of Physicians in London on March 20, 2019.  (Hopefully, it’ll have plenty of lo-fo options! No garlic please!!)

Awards director Michelle Berriedale-Johnson said the standard of products was higher than ever this year. She commented: “No outsider joining one of our judging sessions would ever realise that the products we are judging are ‘free-from’—so good is the the quality of free-from food these days.”

Joyfuel’s founder/MD/chief bottle washer Jules Engelsman revealed that his original goal was simply to make super tasty low-Fodmap snacks.

“I know only too well about the pains and perils of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and similar symptoms,” said Jules. “I suffered for decades with a sensitive tum, until an NHS doctor got me to try the low-Fodmap diet. And once I learnt about that, I realised what a lottery it is choosing tummy-friendly snacks.

“Even today, so many bars are chock-full of bloat-making ingredients. Especially inulin (chicory fibre) which has become a cheap and easy cop-out for manufacturers who want to produce sticky sweet bars. What they don’t tell you is it feeds the exact same gut bacteria which cause so much grief for so many people.”

“So Fodmap was my real inspiration. I just felt, with my food background, I could make wellness bars a whole lot better. It was only later on I thought: if I can make better wellness bars, why not make other kinds of energy bars better too!?’ So then I made other pick-me-ups specifically to target performance (high protein and superfoods), nourishment (clean and raw) and healthy indulgence too.”

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