Joy & Fuel

Hi. I’m Jules from Joyfuel. So listen…In one way, what we do’s really simple. Joy. And fuel. Joy. Fuel. Joyfuel! But actually, there’s much more to it, you see, we’re totally re-imagining energy bars, making them better, in every possible way.

We call them ‘pick-me-ups’ cos they’re these perfectly-portioned, nutrient-dense, cold-pressed, hand-crafted, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy- free, soy-free, sulphite-free, GMO-free, compostable, biodegradably wrapped 25g squares. Beautiful.

And what’s more, we’re targeting 4 different, basic, energy needs…

  • Protein & superfood rich recipes, so you can perform better
  • Special diet, tummy-friendly recipes, to help you feel better
  • Simpler clean-eating raw clean recipes so you can eat better.
  • And not forgetting a good wodge of guilt-free Indulgence (triple chocolate yaaaay!) so you can treat better too!

And ‘cos we’re small, lean and keen, we’re by-passing all the usual grey factories, middlemen and energy-hungry supply chains, making fresh to sell direct to you. But if all that’s too much to take in, just remember…

Joy. And fuel. Joy. Fuel. Joyfuel.

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