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Uncompromisingly delicious treats. Less sugar, less calories, less regret. More protein, more fibre, more joy!

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100% Natural. Plant-based. Gluten free. Cold-pressed.

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Triple Choc Brownie

You can have it all with this super-chocolatey 'brownie with benefits'. One mighty reason to be joyful!

Mocha Walnut Brownie

All the yumminess of our lush triple chocolate brownie plus a smooth coffee kick, topped with chunky walnuts.

Peanut Butter Tiffin

 Healthy tiffin, imagine that?! Your favourite choccy treat all re-invented with a peanut buttery twist.

We Believe...

In ‘win-win'. In joy, beyond compromise. In having your cake & eating it! Healthy AND indulgent. Fuelgood AND feelgood. Nutritious AND delicious.

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“These have got to be one of the best chocolate treats I've tasted. Great ingredients, full of flavour without an overpowering sweetness, smooth and moist. I can feel the love that went into making these!"

Gar Lam, holistichealththerapies.net

A triumph! Delicious, nutritious and packing an energy punch. Thank you JoyFuel.

Peter H, Worthing

“We love these bars of energy by joyfuel. They pack an amazing nutritional punch”

Hollie @myescapeuk, Brighton

"I tried these yesterday at Lewes fair for the first time and I absolutely love them! They are so good I can't decide which is my favourite out of the peanut butter tiffin, triple chocolate brownie or the mocha walnut brownie. They are made with good quality ingredients and are lower in sugar than many other sweet treats. I absolutely love them!"

Jane Keogh, Feet up for health

“Oh my God, these are DELICIOUS little fruit and nut power bars, perfect little treats. Now all I need is a decent cup of coffee.”

Emma H, Kent

"Joyfuel by name, joy fuel by nature. These little squares have been brightening my days. My favourite is the Walnut Mocha Brownie - each flavour is strong yet balanced. Packed with taste, they are rich and decadent - and good for you - how marvellous! No more dull cereal bars for me!"

Jane Nash, Worthing

"OMG.. so tasty 😋 Peanut butter tiffin is so good. Great ingredients and products used creating the best texture too. Delicious luxury snack bar. Well done Joyfuel!"

Kim B, Sussex

"Brilliant for busy early mornings These are ALL delicious! As a busy working mum, I often have to leave early and am constantly on the go. These bars are perfect as a way of making sure I have a healthy snack at hand as I go through the day. They are a perfect size to store in a handbag and as well as being delicious, they have a lovely moist texture and are natural and healthy. My favourite is the mocha walnut brownie with perfect sized walnut pieces. I will definitely be ordering more! 😋"

Anna S, Brighton

"Totally delicious squares and ... gluten free! These delicious squares are my favourite treat. They’re also the perfect choice if you want to cut back on fat, sugar, and salt. I’m coeliac and they even use gluten free ingredients! What’s not to like?"

Richard GB, Brighton

"Each bar is delicious. The texture is exactly how I like it. I would buy again and again."

Jools Rho, Sussex

Seriously delicious! These were so delicious I could not for the life of me limit my consumption to make them last! Have to order some more.

Leslie L, Worthing

Little bites of bliss. It is so hard to find vegan desserts which aren't full of sugar or sweeteners... These are the perfect size to have alongside a cup of tea or coffee. And I don't have to worry about them being packed with inulin or Maltitol or other sweeteners which can give you a tummy ache (as I learnt the hard way after eating too many Maltitol chocolates and having a stomach cramp for a whole night) I will definitely order more... go get some!

Sarah J, Richmond

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